Gardening Supplies I Use

These are products that I use. I encourage you to to shop at your locally owned garden centers if at all possible but I wanted to be able to offer a source for things that I recommend. I can not find many of these items locally and I know how frustrating that can be. Some of the items are offered through an affiliate program with a company like Amazon. It doesn’t cost you more but Amazon pays me a small commission for the referral.

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  1. A Rigby says:

    Verve Garden products

    Dear Sir
    Re your bags of so-called top soil. I purchased 4 of these from B&Q yesterday to mix with other garden products and on opening one I found nothing more than a sticky wet mass of earth that in no way could be described as top soil. Top soil when purchased in bags is supposed to be dry and granular and as it says on your bags can be used as a foundation for turf laying. If one tried to use your product for turf laying, well the result would be indescribable. I have been told by a member of the B& Q staff that it will dry out, together with all sorts of other excuses. I as a 70 year old partially disabled person am unable to reload the bags into the car as the water content makes them extremely heavy. I also question your defined weight of the product as the water content is so high.

    I await your comments and suggestions

    A Rigby BSc(hons), PGd.

    Tel: 01782 575303

    • Christi says:

      Dear Sir- I do not sell anything with the ‘brand’ name Verve. You have mistaken this site with the apparent brand of soil with a similar name. I am a garden designer and passionate plant person who writes about plants and I recommend certain products that I like to use. Garden Verve is the full name of my blog not to be confused with the Verve products you must have purchased.Sorry.

  2. a rigby says:

    sorry about the mistake

  3. angela says:

    can i ask are you the same verve that supply to B&Q?
    are your herbs and vegetables grown organically?
    or are they grown with pestisides or herbasides

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