A Christmas Stroll Through German Village

Each year in December I look forward to a jaunt up to German Village, the “Old South End” of Columbus. Visiting German Village is like stepping back into the late 1800’s with its untarnished historic buildings and streets. These are made up of what at the time were considered modest homes and businesses built by working-class people. These people were primarily German refugees who were offered tracts of land here for having supported the Colonial cause during the American Revolution.

My eyes and camera lens have a default setting called Garden Geek Filter so you will have to venture to the village yourself or to other websites for a more well-rounded viewpoint! More history about this unique neighborhood and its restoration can be found by clicking on this link to German Village.

I love the simple beauty of this little home:

Walking along the narrow, uneven, brick streets and sidewalks flanked by cottages and larger dwellings meant to be homes above and businesses below, one can easily use their imagination to transport themselves back to a more simple and quiet time. Each building shows the unique craftsmanship of its builder with no two looking alike.

As if I didn’t already love German Village enough, I was thrilled to learn of a strong passion for gardening both past and present. The builders of these 19th century homes and businesses were of a hardy, self-sustaining stock who incorporated space in their home lots for small garden plots in which to grow vegetables for their families and for the market. The present time residents seem to have an equal passion for gardening, though geared more toward the aesthetic.

I had the pleasure of giving a gardening talk about Gardening Through The Seasons to the local gardening club and what a pleasure it was!! I think this may have been the funnest and friendliest mix of gardeners I have ever encountered and I look forward to meeting them again in the future. Be sure to check their site for fun events scheduled to take place in German Village throughout the year and to see beautiful pictures of village gardens in-season by clicking on this link: German Village Garten Club

I love the clean, modern, and somewhat linear influence seen in some of the landscape designs below:

Someone has done a lovely job of tying this vine up. I’m really not sure what it is but, it pleasing how it has been presented. I will have to go back in the spring to see what leaves it has.

The raised miniature conifer garden below has actually been lovingly installed between the sidewalk and the street. It was a brave move that apparently has come at a cost:

My family has fairly strong ties to German ancestry through both of my great-grand mothers and I can attest that, at least in our lineage that seems to often lead one to be fairly passionate about decorating for Christmas. I can not say for certain whether a German influence on the present day residents of German Village is the reason for their ability to transform the village into something magical and beautiful each Christmas season but, I find it satisfying to surmise that this is indeed the case.

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