Update to Easiest Little Salad Garden Ever

Back in mid-March I posted about the easiest little salad garden I have ever started in my kitchen in recycled spinach containers. Four days after planting the seeds the lettuce was already coming up and a few days later the tomatoes and basil followed suit. By March 30th it was time to transplant the lettuce into more spacious rows in another spinach container. The tomatoes and basil were getting cozy in their original container but could handle another two weeks or so staying put.
Spring '15 062

It is now April 15 and the lettuce is ready to go to an outside bed or container. I have not yet prepared the ground for my vegetable garden so in the mean time I am going to get a jump on things by planting this batch of lettuce in a wine barrel just outside my front door.

One of the most difficult but necessary things to try to keep up with if you like having fresh salad greens is to make sure you start new seeds every 2-3 weeks.

The tomatoes and basil are ready to be bumped up into another spinach container and spaced out or, into their own small individual containers. They will not be ready to go outside here in Ohio until at least mid-May.
Spring '15 001

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