May Has Had Some Real Beauties! It’s a Good Time to Bring Some Home.

We have had an outstanding month of May here in Ohio. The weather has been almost perfect and all of the showy flowering plants can attest to that in the the beauty they have put forth. This is a good time to take note of the things you liked the most and think ahead for next year. It is hard to this when so many things in the garden are demanding our attention but a little effort now will give huge satisfaction next spring. If you saw some things you just have to have in your own garden it is still early enough to plant with out too much stress on plants. As things are going by and losing their blooms in the nurseries they often go on sale. While your favorite plants are still fresh in your mind keep an eye out for good deals.

Here are some of my favorites that I am hunting for:

Peonia ‘Bartzella’– This is my absolute favorite peony. It is an Itoh which is a cross between an herbaceous peony and a tree peony. This means they have the huge blooms and strong structure of the tree peony and the vigor of the herbaceous peony. The Itoh peonies bloom profusely and are very hardy. They are very pricey but worth it especially if you can find one on sale.
spring '13 037

Another gorgeous Itoh Peony- ‘Yankee Doodle Dandee’


Camassia– I love Camassia and have been adoring this clump growing in the perennial garden at Mission Oaks.

spring '13 008

I had every intention of ordering bulbs last fall but never followed through. This year I was pleasantly surprised on Mother’s Day when my son and I discovered a patch of it growing at the swampy end of a pasture on his grandparent’s farm.

Viburnum plicatum ‘Mary Milton
‘- This viburnum opens with a lovely rosey tinged, creamy white turning completely white with age. It is beautifully contrasted against a Purple Beech in this garden. I did order some small plugs of this to gow but I will have to wait a few years for them to get very sizeable.

spring '13 004spring '13 003

Cedrus deodara ‘Cream Puff’
– I have been adoring this plant for a couple of years and have located some at one of my favorite local nurseries, Old Stone House Nursery in Norwich, Ohio. ‘Cream Puff’ is a smaller specimen type tree that seems to always be in a spring flush. The soft clusters of both blue-green and light green needles maintain their color year-round. I can always count on being introduced to some fun and unusual varieties when visiting this beautiful nursery.
summer'12 022

Rhododendron ‘Phyllis Korn”– This little Rhododendron grabbed my attention from over 100 feet away primarily because I didn’t know what it was! Yellow rhododendrons are somewhat rare and almost non-existant in most nurseries. This variety is a real beacon in the landscape.

spring '13 006

Cornus kousa ‘Venus’– Albert Hendley, the founder of Mission Oaks Gardens, introduced this dogwood to me and it is truly outstanding. This cultivar is appropriately named after Venus as the blooms, exceeding 4 inches, are of a glowing, creamy white that you can not help but notice if you are with eyesight of one. Kousa dogwoods are are very attractive small to medium sized trees with good disease resistance and cold hardienss. With varieties like ‘Venus’ and ‘Stellar Pink’ availble you can’t go wrong.

spring '13 007

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3 Responses to May Has Had Some Real Beauties! It’s a Good Time to Bring Some Home.

  1. Lona says:

    Your garden is looking beautiful. Love the peonies. What a great find seeing all of those Camassia. How Beautiful to see!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Beautiful blooms! Love the Camassia. Wish it would grow in my gardens.

    • Christi says:

      Hi Carolyn- Have you tried it? It seems to be able to handle a multitude of conditions from dry to wet, and full sun to part shade. I would encourage you to try some!

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