Ablaze in Color

I am infatuated with the color and beauty of Tulip ‘Akebono’. I dream of a Georgia O’Keefe commission of this flower on my wall.


spring '13 022
I did find that these were a bit floppy. I may not have planted them deep enough as this was a somewhat root bound area under a Japanese White Pine. Next year I will be sure to plant them a full six inches in the ground. I’ll take them either way.

This is a rogue bulb that expressed far more orange and red in a blaze of color that just plain makes you feel good! My friend Robert pointed out that Akebono means daybreak or new beginings. Even better!

spring '13 023

A less sophisticated beauty but striking none the less, Tulip ‘Orange Princess’
spring '13 020

Here is a stunning Magnolia, Magnolia ‘Gold Finch’

spring '13 048

I have become so fascinated with the beauty of the stamens and pistils of magnolias. Magnolias are one of the most ancient of the flowering plants and evolved before the presence of bees. They are pollinated by beetles and therefore need robust reproductive parts to avoid being damaged by such large creatures.

An usual and hard to find magnolia growing in Mission Oaks -Magnolia ‘Ruby’
spring '13 045

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