Magnificent Magnolias

spring '13 223Not many words are needed to accompany the magic that is beginning to happen at Mission Oaks Gardens in Zanesville, Ohio. Almost all of the plants in these 5+ acre gardens have been sought out for planting by Albert Hendley over the past 25 years. Please visit the Mission Oaks Gardens Website to learn more about these Muskingum Valley Park District Gardens.

Magnolia ‘Big Dude’

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The petals of this flower are big enough to eat off of! They are so amazing to look at.
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Magnolia ‘Butterflies’

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Euphorbia robbiae
One of my favorite ground covers just coming out of its winter sleep. It will become a solid mass of evergreen leaves with all of those beautiful chartreuse flowers.

spring '13 206

Helleborus foetidus or Bear’s Paw Lenten rose

spring '13 208

Brunnera or For-Get-Me-Not ‘Jack Frost’

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  1. The Magnolias are blooming here too, such gorgeous shrubs. My sister has the yellow one in her garden, probably my favorite:)

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