Flush in Euphorbia

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This has been one of my favorite plants for a long time. I first encountered Mediterranean Spurge in a garden on Nantucket and I have searched for it in nurseries ever since. It is not a rare plant but it just hasn’t been carried in the areas where I have lived and not readily available by mail-order. I finally got tired of trying to track it down so two years ago I ordered seed from Jelitto and started some of my own. The plant in this picture is 2 years old and has since put out almost 100 seedlings. I am flush in euphorbia!

This plant looks great for almost 3/4 of the year which is a lot! It gets statuesque chartreuse inflorescence’s that compliment so many early blooming perennials. The show begins around the time the Giant Allium and Veronica speedwell start to bloom. It is kind of like a Lady’s Mantle on steroids. This is a must have for Chartreuse lovers and those looking for a sculptural element for their garden. Dead-head when the flowers have passed and the blue/grey foliage remains looking almost like a dwarf pine or spruce for the rest of the year.

Here it is very late in the season after dead-heading and looking very fresh!
fall'12 003

This spurge is very adaptable and grows in clay or sandy soil and full sun or part shade. It appears to be hardy to zone 6. It does not like a wet soil particularly in winter.

If you live near me I have a good supply of these in small 4 inch pots. Just shoot me an email and I can arrange to get some to you.

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4 Responses to Flush in Euphorbia

  1. Alyssa Pascucci says:

    love the look, sounds amazing! Is it hard to keep under control was established?

    • Christi says:

      Alyssa- This plant spreads by seedlings so if you don’t want it to spread just weed them out in a spring or fall clean-up. Much easier than a plant that spreads by runners. This plant appears to love Cali but not one of the invasive species. here is a link to more info. I think some of this would be beautiful around your pool on ACK with some salvias and dwarf ‘Blue Chip’ or ‘Flutterby’ Buddleia, and maybe some dwarf ‘Thunderhead Japanese black pine in the back corners.

  2. Miss Jacqueline Roberts says:

    I have some ants in my garden and I have been trying to find out what they are. I think they look very much like this & I will add some photo’s. That maybe you could have a look at and let me know. Please. I put wilds seeds down last year & wasn’t sure if they were from them or they are weeds. Please help if possible. Many thanks

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