The Other Side of Winter


I feel peaceful and calm when I look at this scene from the family farm. My Irish roots cause me to appreciate the soft light of grey days. However by mid-February I have had enough. I yearn for an glimmer of hope that spring is near.


Thankfully a walk in the Mission Oaks Conifer garden has given me a little something to hold me over til the glory days of spring. The witch hazel blooming here is Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jalena’. My 4 year-old has been in the habit of adding Y’s to his colors lately and it has occurred to me this is actually rather sophisticated. He does it when the color is not just blue but ‘blueishy purple’, or not just ‘yellow’ but ‘yellowishy’ green. It implies that there is a range of in-between shades that must be accounted for. So this witch hazel has a beautiful ‘orangey’ yellow glow nestled between this Weeping Spruce and Japanese Red Pine ‘Stupka Selection’.

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