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Get Your Kids Into Gardening!

My son Joey has spent a lot of time in gardens starting when he was a few weeks old. There are few things that make me feel as though I may be close to understanding the meaning of life quite … Continue reading

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Gentiana andrewsii

Bottle Gentian- Gentiana Bottle Gentian or Closed Bottle Gentian has so many great attributes it is hard to know where to begin. For starters it is native to a large part of the Midwest. I am a big proponent … Continue reading

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Hand Tool Line-up

Bulbs and perennials are beginning to push through to the ever increasing sunlight. It is time to get the tool buckets sorted out and head into the gardens! The sooner we do this the better so as not to shred … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Winter I feel peaceful and calm when I look at this scene from the family farm. My Irish roots cause me to appreciate the soft light of grey days. However by mid-February I have had enough. I yearn for an … Continue reading

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